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What To Look For When Buying Used Auto Parts

 Auto parts, speedometers, sun visors, car mirrors, bmw parts 

Owning a car sure isn’t cheap. The prices you get charged from dealerships and mechanics for even the simplest of repairs are mammoth. Heck! Replacing your sun visors could swallow your entire savings if you aren’t careful with how you go about your auto repairs. And it really doesn’t always have to do with the quality of the mechanic or service. These companies can (and do) charge massive just to “accommodate for auto parts and labor”.

But there’s a secret. Purchasing your own auto parts can decrease the number on that quote you received significantly. So whether your engine light has lit up your dashboard or something on the body of your car needs to be replaced, always buy used auto parts for the repair. Here is what to look for to ensure you’re purchasing quality auto parts that won’t end up costing you more in the end. 

Know Your Stuff

If you don’t know anything about cars, talk with a friend who does. This can be the key to saving you tons of money. You have to know what auto parts are needed for the repair, and what parts are made for your car specifically. After all, the BWM parts available on OEM Used Auto Parts won’t necessarily fix a Toyota.

Auto parts, speedometers, sun visors, car mirrors, bmw partsIf you brought your car into a dealership and received a quote, all the information you need should be listed, along with enormous and unrealistic prices. Now, if you know someone who is fixing your car, they can also be an excellent resource to find out what you need to get. So get the actual name of the car part needed, whether it’s some car mirrors, speedometer or something else, and know the exact make and model of your automobile.

Verify Auto Parts as Needed

If you’re purchasing auto parts for your engine, transmission, computer or other unique components of your car, you want to get the specific part number that is required for the repair. Otherwise, you could be purchasing auto parts that simply won’t work in your vehicle and this could be a costly mistake. So verify that part number for any and all auto parts that are crucial to the safety and operation of your vehicle. You have to make sure you purchase the right one.

Think Outside of the Make and Model

With the prior said, there are also many car repairs that can be done by using auto parts from any type of other vehicle. For example, if you need new car mirrors, almost any Auto parts, speedometers, sun visors, car mirrors, bmw partsmake and model will do. Sitting around and waiting for your specific make and model when it doesn’t really matter can just delay the repair for unnecessary reasons.

That’s also not to mention that depending on the make and model of your car, the part you’re looking for might be harder to find, and with that comes a higher price. For example, Pontiac is no longer manufactured and finding speedometers or even sun visors can be a difficult task. While the auto part may not be the exact same as the manufacturers version, the differences are barely noticeable, if not completely unnoticeable.

Purchase Used Auto Parts from a Reputable Source

Anyone can set up an account online to sell “working” auto parts, but you just never know. Since car parts and repairs can be costly, you want to make sure you’re always purchasing from a reputable source.

As a rule of thumb, always purchase from a company, as opposed to some guy on Craiglist who’s claiming to be a mechanic or car aficionado. Research the company thoroughly to ensure the auto parts you’re purchasing are in working condition. You can also play it safe by purchasing all of your auto parts from OEM Used Auto Parts, and you’ll never have to worry about stumbling across a bad auto parts company again.


Your car is your lifeline, and your savings are important. Don’t break the bank just to fix your car. Find all of your used auto parts at OEM Used Auto Parts today, and get your repairs done at a much lower price.